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  1. I cannot recommend Karen and Ayaimah enough, we are truly grateful and blessed to have one of her gorgeous girls. Right from the beginning we’ve received daily updates, videos and have learnt more in the last 8 weeks than in 20+ years of owning dogs! Karen doesn’t just breed dogs, she nurtures and raises them with a curriculum that puts most early learning centres to shame!

    Watching our girl come home and interact with our two Rotties, it’s clear that Karen’s experience, love, dedication and outstanding breeding standards make for wonderful temperaments and very well adjusted pups that make welcoming a new addition to your home and absolute breeze! I’ve spent more time in the last few days helping our 7 and 8 year old pups adjust then I have the actual new addition!

    Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for your dedication Karen!

  2. Karen is an incredible breeder that quite clearly cares about the breed. The temperament of our GR is perfect for our family, and for future work as a therapy dog working with children. Our boy Moose came to us leaps and bounds ahead of other puppies I’ve met, having been introduced to common sounds and mentally enriched from the get go. Moose is calm, sweet, and intelligent, with a dash of wild! We couldn’t be happier!

  3. Karen is the most caring and dedicated breeder and we couldn’t thank her more for giving our little fluff ball the best start in life. Karen’s support doesn’t stop when you pick up your puppy – she is an amazing source of knowledge and encouragement while navigating life with a new fluffy family member. We can’t thank her enough!

  4. Not sure where to even begin… Our experience with Karen and Ayaimah Golden Retrievers has been nothing but incredible, with the daily video updates right from the moment the puppies were born to the continued support after taking our boy home. Karen is a truly amazing breeder with the amount of time and dedication she puts into raising her puppies to have the best start in life. They receive a huge amount of desensitisation and enrichment right from birth, resulting in confident, social and healthy puppies. Karen welcomes you into her home to meet the puppies and their mum at 6 weeks and you can just see the amazing life she offers to all her dogs and how passionate she is about the breed.
    Finley is absolutely thriving since we picked him up and such a beautiful natured pup. We cannot thank Karen enough for this amazing, stress free experience.
    If you are looking for a breeder for your next pup, look no further! We would not hesitate to purchase from Ayaimah Retrievers in the future if we decided to welcome another golden in to our home.

  5. We are very grateful to have a beautiful puppy (Millie) from Ayaimah Golden Retrievers. Karen is transparent about the breeding process and we loved the daily updates with milestones highlighted. Beyond picking up our puppy Karen has created a community with other Ayaimah families to provide ongoing support and connection. Thank you Karen for all the love and care you put into raising the puppies 🙂

  6. Karen and Ayaimah Golden Retrievers are to thank for our beautiful, confident and cheeky boy Bowie. We couldn’t be happier with our little bundle of fluff. Karen raises these babies in her home with daily updates on progress and videos of them having fun with all the new activities added in for enrichment. The journey doesn’t end when you pick up your pup, there is ongoing support from Karen herself on key milestones to look out for, and also from all the other pawrents from Ayaimah to help if you choose to be part of the family. We have only had our pup a short time however every time we leave the house we have strangers asking about him and taking photos because he is so friendly and cute. We can’t recommend Karen enough.

  7. We wanted to express our gratitude towards Karen and to the care and expertise she devotes to raising the puppies. Above and beyond. Our little guy has the most delightful, loving temperament.
    Karen’s daily updates were not only an endless source of joy, but allowed us to learn SO much from her about nuturing a healthy and well-adjusted doggo. We will be forever grateful to Karen and the Ayaimah family, and would highly recommend them to anyone. x

  8. We cannot thank Karen enough for giving us the absolute sweetest, playful and cutest member of the family! My partner has been following the Ayaimah family on Instagram for years, and 2023 saw her dreams come true. Her mother has been on babysitting duty for a few days while we finish the working year (having raised numerous labradors, German Shepards etc.) and said the new member of the family has hands down the sweetest, most loving temperament she’s ever seen in a dog. Karen and the family go above and beyond to bring these angels into the world with the best start possible and have made adoption and training so easy right from the beginning. We can’t thank you enough!

  9. Karen is incredible, we’ve been looking for a furry baby for awhile, and the thought, care and support Karen provides is amazing. We received twice a day updates on our puppy, as well as really helpful tips and information so our transition could be smooth; which it was! we love our little boy so much and 100% recommend Karen and her beautiful family.

  10. My partner and I couldn’t thank Karen enough for letting us take home an Ayaimah golden retriever, such a beautiful puppy who we could take home and he was instantly apart of the family, beautiful in nature and behaviour, he’s been the highlight of our year by far, and it’s easy to see Karen’s work raising them pays off the minute you’re home. I can’t wait to get him a little brother or sister next year 🤩🤩🤩🤩🙏🏼

  11. Karen is absolutely the most wonderful breeder/first Mum my puppy could have ever asked for. She was kind and helpful from the very first email.
    Karen goes entirely above and beyond, sharing photos, videos and hints every single day. It was amazing to be a part of my puppies journey from day 1.
    It is completely clear that she adores her dogs, and their puppies. My only concern throughout our journey was whether we should be buying a puppy from her or asking if my current Retriever could come for a holiday to play in the ‘theme park’ and listen to a dragon tell her a nighttime story.
    I have had my little side kick for two months now, and she is a healthy, incredibly gorgeous puppy who is brave, social and astoundingly easy to train.
    Karen, you are simply the best. Thank you, from me and Miss Lime

  12. The love, care, support, professionalism and expertise offered by Karen and Ayaimah Golden Retrievers is above and beyond. I had soooo many questions and Karen always had the perfect answers to empower me to be an amazing first time puppy pawrent. I love my little man Louie, he’s just adorable. Ayaimah Golden Retrievers are truly special… the best.

  13. My experience with Karen was such an incredible one.
    The first time I spoke to Karen (a year before I brought my boy home!) I knew she was the perfect breeder. She is honest, kind, caring and real. Truly, she was – and continues to be – amazing to deal with, still checking in on my boy, 4 months on.
    In terms of the pup Karen gave me, it’s hard to put into words how beautiful Reuben is. As biased as I might sound, I’ve never come across a dog with a better temperament in my life. Reuben is gentle, sensitive, loving and easy to teach. He has genuinely become the light of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.

  14. We picked up our gorgeous Beau 10 weeks ago from Karen and her family and we cannot imagine life without him. He is gorgeous with a great personality.We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have discovered Ayaimah Golden Retrievers, Karen has the most adorable Goldens. Our beautiful Golden Retriever pup, Beau, has been adored far and wide. His sweet, playful and relaxed nature is a joy. Thank you Karen, it has been wonderful to have purchased a pup from such a dedicated, knowledgable and caring breeder.

    He has had no health issues, good hips and heart etc. Karen was extremely helpful in providing support and information from day one. If you’re looking for honest and trustworthy breeders look no further

  15. We were so lucky to find Karen and her beautiful dogs. She is the most knowledgeable and compassionate breeder. It’s so easy to see that her dogs are her life and as such she is understanding of the need to share her knowledge with new owners.
    From beginning to end of the “pawrenting” process Karen provided time every day to show us videos and photos as well as provided reading for new and old parents to learn more. It was exciting each day to wait for our puppy viewing sessions so we could see their development over our 8 week waiting time. We loved getting to know all the puppies daily. It was a treat and of real value in seeing their growth .

  16. I can’t rave enough about Karen as a breeder. We came to her after losing our beloved Daisy and she was so supportive of us – really beyond anything I expected. She understood our pain and fear of starting again and she nursed us through the process. We welcomed our beautiful Poppy in Jan and she is a treasure. Karen took time to get to know us and chose the perfect pup for us but in reality they were all perfection and we would have been lucky to have any of them. We were amazed at the daily photos and or videos from birth – we got to fall in love with the entire litter and watch with excitement as they developed. We mentioned to Karen our dog would be going on our yacht and needed to be not scared of ramps – the next day she had a ramp in the puppy enclosure so they all learnt not to fear it – yet another example of the care she takes to ensure her puppies are ready for their forever home. There are a lot of reputable breeders but what makes Karen stand out is she genuinely loves her dogs and their puppies, she cares about the families that choose her pups and we can’t endorse her enough. Thank you Karen and your family for raising such well balanced healthy pups that are such a credit to you. You healed our hearts.

  17. I’m not sure that there are enough words to explain how grateful we were to find such an amazing breeder as Karen! Her and her family go above and beyond to breed amazing Golden Retrievers! We welcomed a beautiful baby to our family and the entire process was so fabulous, we had updates, Karen makes such a special effort for her puppies to be exposed to different sounds, obstacles etc and we were always updated and informed. Even finding out which puppy was our match was so special and we always get compliments how placid our puppy is. Karen took the time to understand our family, provided so much helpful information and went without sleep many times to make sure that everyone is wonderfully taken care of! We couldn’t recommend Ayaimah enough! Thank you Karen for the most wonderful gift we are so thankful to have found you!

  18. I will be forever grateful to have been gifted our beautiful Madi girl from Karen at Ayaimah Retrievers! I could not have imagined what a wonderful experience it was being a part of the Facebook Pawrents group, seeing photos and videos daily and wondering “which little girl will be ours?”. The anticipation of finding out which puppy Karen had chosen for us was beyond description – just so exciting! We were in awe of the tremendous love and effort Karen puts into rearing her puppies and preparing them for life! What lucky pups – and what lucky Pawrents! Madi is the most beautiful-natured girl and not a day goes by that I am not grateful to have found Ayaimah Retrievers, and to have had my girl chosen for me by Karen who is so incredibly passionate about her dogs!

  19. I cannot recommend Karen & Ayaimah more highly as a breeder. Every step of the process was geared to set ourselves & our gorgeous pup Edie up for a great life together. Our girl is everything we could have dreamed of in a pup & more, her personality fits in perfectly with our family & we are so grateful for Karen’s care in choosing the right pup for us. We have a well adjusted, healthy pup with a wonderful temperament & ongoing support from Karen as a breeder, which is priceless. We loved being so involved in getting to know the litter from birth through Karen’s communication & family day. Seeing all of the care and love that Karen puts into raising the pups is incredible. The pups are nourished, nurtured & given the best start to life, Karen loves them like her own for us until it’s gotcha day. We are in love with our pup and we could not recommend a better breeder of goldens.

  20. I sincerely recommend this wonderful breeder (Ayaimah Golden Retrievers) and Karen Shield who not only breed a very high standard of Golden Retrievers but works tirelessly in those first 8 weeks to ensure puppies are familiar with common household noises, strong winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms and taught to use artificial grass toilet mats which has helped our puppy make a very smooth transition to a new home life. So if you are looking for a well bred Golden Retriever to join your family, you’re at the right place.

  21. We are so in love with our beautiful girl Chevy from Ayaimah golden retrievers.
    Straight away we knew Karen has put so much time and love into the puppies when they were with her for the 8 weeks.
    I can’t imagine how full on that would of been for her. Making sure puppies were safe, fed and desensitising them.
    Chevy has slotted straight into our family with ease.
    Thank you so much Karen for giving us such a beautiful girl.
    Tammy x

  22. We cannot recommend Karen enough. Karen puts enormous time and energy into ensuring the pups had the best start possible to life. When we brought our Pippa home, she was a healthy, sociable, smart and confident puppy. Even once we took Pippa home, Karen was available to be contacted, and we maintained a community with the other pawrents. You can be confident when buying an ayaimah golden you are buying a puppy that has been breed to a high standard.

  23. Our handsome boy came from Ayaimah Golden retrievers and we could not be happier or more in love with him.
    The experience in dealing with Karen was great and we truely trusted them. The level of knowledge and love they have for their fur babies made a big difference.
    We constantly are asked where he is from and feel very happy to recommend Karen.

  24. I love that all the Ayaimah dogs are part of the family & so incredibly loved & cared for.
    Karen is the kind of breeder that the world needs. The dedication & sacrifices that she makes in her life are to better the whelping experience of her precious dogs.
    Since we got our gorgeous pup 8 months ago we have had continuous support & would highly recommend an Ayaimah Golden Retriever to anyone.
    Thank you so much for the gift that keeps on giving Karen.

  25. I would highly recommend Karen and Ayaimah Golden Retrievers for our gorgeous little man Reuben💙 we contacted various breeders before submitting our initial expression of interest for a puppy. Karen raises the puppies inside her home with her family and once born we received daily updates and video of the puppies and we also got to meet them around 6 weeks. The support doesn’t stop when we took our puppy home. We keep in contact with photos or questions. If you’re looking for honest and trustworthy breeders look no further. Our Puppy has a wonderful temperament and beautiful personality we are absolutely in love with our puppy.

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